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George J Rotondo, sr.  Ratings: 5 stars


"Anywhere auto, means just that and also in any weather. At 9:00am, I received a knock on my door from anywhere with 8.5" of snow on the ground and temps around 21 degrees, and within 40mins I had a new remote starter installed. THANK YOU ANYWHERE FOR A GREAT JOB."


Sean Watson  Ratings: 5 stars


"I needed my display screen replaced and and they came out the very next day to my house and did a great job at a great price. Thank you guys I really appreciate the job. "

Denice A.  Ratings: 5 stars


  "I needed help disassembling late spouses tv and surround sound since I’m moving.
Contacted Mitchell and he was very prompt at responding. He arrived when he said he would and did an awesome job. I never would have been able to figure that all out! His estimate was spot on also! Great person and great to work with. "



Christine G.  Ratings: 5 stars


  "Wow was I ever impressed! Mitchell was referred to me and I have to say wow!!! He was very quick to respond to all of my questions, he showed up ready to go. He was very informative, and we got a chance to talk about other products and services he offers. We will definitely be going back to Mitchell and purchasing so more fun things!!! :):)"

 Tom M.  Ratings: 5 stars


  "5 Stars! Mitchell showed up in -4 degree weather and installed my remote car starter in my driveway. Great Service! I would absolutely recommend Anywhere Audio & More to friends and family. Thanks again! "

Jacqueline  Ratings: 5 stars    


 "Mitchell was prompt and completed the service efficiently and professionally. Was very patient showing me how it worked. Would definitely recommend. "


Victor P.  Ratings: 5 stars    


"Hands-down the best customer service I have ever experienced. That is not an exaggeration. I would also point out that I am in my 50s and have had more than my fair share of customer service experiences. I am a professional and I deal with customers and vendors on a daily basis. I have had three remote car starters installed by Anywhere Audio. Every installation was painless, timely, and professionally done. That might be expected. Where they have really shown outstanding customer service is after the fact. I was having difficulties with one of my vehicles and suspected that it had something to do the remote car starter (it did not) and I disconnected the unit. I foolishly did so without labeling the connectors and was confused when it came time to reconnect it. Not only did they reconnect the unit for me they replaced my unit under warranty "just in case" it was contributing to the problem I was having with the vehicle. Fast-forward seven years later in that same vehicle came back home from college with my daughter. The unit had stopped working while she was in Florida. I contacted Anywhere Audio via email. The very next day I got a phone call stating that he was just down the road from my daughter's work. 30 minutes later the unit was working again. Now my daughter can bring my eight month old grandson out to a car that is not frozen solid. As a professional, I am very hesitant to recommend vendors and suppliers, as it can reflect back on me. I can recommend Anywhere Audio without any reservation whatsoever. The world would be a better place if companies offered half of the customer service that they do. "


Shirley D.  Ratings: 5 stars                                     


I fell in love with a 2019 Infiniti q60 coupe, but it did not have blind spot warnings or back-up sensors, which I really had grown accustomed to having in my car. Talked to Mitchell and he assured me he could actually install both! So I bought the car, and Mitchell installed them, and the sensors have already saved me from changing lanes at the wrong time, as a car went flying by me on my left!! Next day, parked at Hannafords and started to carefully and slowly back out of my parking place, and my rear sensors screamed at me!!! Again, a car going a bit fast passed by. These sensors protect me from crazy drivers!! The price was very reasonable, and the job was done the same week I bought the car.


Joe S.  Ratings: 5 stars                                     

I needed to get new, full replacement headlights and fog lights installed my Son's Jeep Rubicon. I reached out to Anywhere Audio on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. I received a response almost instantly and set up an appointment for Tuesday, Sept 8th. Mitch arrived early and ready to work! I am from Atlanta, hence a little chatty. Mitch and I talked back and forth during the installation, and he actually taught me a few things along the way. Mitch finished the job in the time prescribed and everything turned out great! I will definitely use Anywhere Audio again. I am really pleased with the service and welcoming attitude of Mitch. Thank you very much!



Brian King  Ratings: 5 stars                                     

05/26/2020 "Hello All,
I had these guys run speaker wire/sub cable to the rear of my theater/living room. This was not an easy task as I have a 1/2 basement because I have a 2 car garage under. Thus under the floor access was not a full option. These guys came in and spent a good chunk of the day getting this done (they didn't even take breaks). They had to go under and then outside to make this happen. I had just moved into the house and the ONLY thing I cared about was getting my HT system up and running and these guys KILLED IT!! They got it done and even connected and setup the electronics! I could not have been any happier with the professional job they did (they even used conduit to cover the wires outside so they'd be protected). I have never seen such service, professionalism, and dedication in my time! I cannot recommend these guys highly enough!! Oh and they're GREAT guys to boot! they even did pest control as a chipmunk was in my basement and they got him out! Honestly looking back (this was almost 1 year ago) this was the most enjoyable part of my move and loving my house! Every day I enjoy my system and still think of these guys and still appreciate and love what they did!"

Russ M.  Ratings: 5 stars                                     

12/23/2019 "Needed a remote starter to finish off my wife's new Lexus. My second remote starter from Anywhere Audio. Mitchell installed it in less than 30 min. Same price as a local retailer without the three week install wait. Excellent product, excellent service, highly recommend. "

Olivia S.    Ratings: 5 stars                                     

11/28/2019 "Had a remote starter installed, it works great and the installation was very quick. I was even running late coming home from work and he was so nice and understanding about it. Great experience and definitely recommend."         

Jeff B.    Ratings: 5 stars                                     

07/16/2019 "From the initial phone call to the completed installation, Mitchell was a complete professional. He installed a remote start in my "new" 2017 Accord that I just recently purchased. His quoted price for an install AT MY HOME was competitive with others where I had to drive 20+ miles, then either wait for it or get a ride and then come back. He arrived on time, and even took the time to answer questions about the remote start on our other vehicle (2014 CRV), and now I understand why it works the way it does. I would highly recommend Anywhere Audio (and more) for any type of work you need. Thank you Mitchell!"



Tom P.    Ratings: 5 stars                                     

05/20/2019 "Recently had four new speakers installed in my truck by Anywhere Audio. Mitchell arrived on time, had everything he needed for the install and left the vehicle spotless. He ensured we tried out the speakers to ensure I was happy with the outcome. The people at Anywhere Audio are professionals; from the scheduling, servicing, billing and even the professional attire. I highly recommend this company for any service you may need. Thank you Anywhere Audio"



Gina H.    Ratings: 5 stars                                     

11/02/2018  "I recently bought a used CR-V and wanted a remote starter installed. I searched a bit online and found Anywhere Audio. The Google reviews looked good and I called and got the info and scheduled an appointment. Mitch came and not only installed a new starter, but he removed one I didn't even know was in the car from a previous owner. It was a mangled mess of wires and electrical tape! I'm so glad I went with someone with so much experience who could take that system out and properly install one that I am confident will work well and safely. He was polite, timely, and I am very pleased with his instruction. I have every confidence that this unit will perform perfectly. Glad I chose him!

Kristine S.    Ratings: 5 stars                                     

09/16/2018 "I was looking to have my windows tinted and did some shopping around in the area. A friend recommended
Anywhere Audio. I am beyond please with the outcome as well as the professionalism of the installer. My car came back clean and my windows looks fantastic!! Highly recommend Anywhere Audio!! "

Angela    Ratings: 5 stars                                    

12/16/2017"Got referred to them by a friend who said they went to his work and installed his remote starter right there in the parking lot! Called them up, made an appointment and they came to me! No hassle, no dropping a car off and trying to find a ride, no waiting for hours on end! Super smart and nice guy! Will never use anyone else for these types of needs again! "

Mary S.  Ratings: 5 stars                                    


 "Over the years, Three remote starters one radio/satellite install and just today a new speaker install for my baby boys truck! Mitch at Anywhere Audio rocks! "

Alan F.   Ratings: 5 stars                                    


 "Easy Efficient and Effective. Service install at home did not interupt schedule as added value.  This is my second install and will recommend to others. "    


Harold S.   Ratings: 5 stars                                    


"This company is amazing! I emailed them yesterday about a remote starter for my truck. Mitchell came today and installed it! He worked quickly and proficiently. He explained it completely and it works perfectly. I would highly recommend Anywhere Audio for all your audio or electronic needs. Thank you!"

Devon C.   Ratings: 5 stars


"I had a remoter car starter put in by Anywhere Audio & More over three years ago. They came to my house, had excellent customer service and answered all of my questions. Recently I lost a set of keys with my remote. I called to make an appointment and they worked around my schedule, even a week before Thanksgiving. Great service and people. "


Paul   Ratings: 5 stars                                          


"I had a remote starter installed by Anywhere Audio in my car 3 years ago which has worked excellent until I replaced my car battery and the remotes needed to be reprogrammed. I contacted Mitchell and he came to my home and resolved the issue in minutes. Very satisfied!!"


Cassie   Ratings: 5 stars


"Had someone come out to fix my car starter that was no longer working. He was prompt, nice, and fixed the problem super fast. I would recommend Anywhere Audio any day. Thank you!!!"

Donna D.  Ratings: 5 stars


Mitchell came to my employment, installed my remote starter w/in an hour and I was good to go. Can't say enough about the great customer service and professionalism he displayed. I will be recommending Anywhere Audio to all my friends and family. Thanks Mitchell.


Jim H.  Ratings: 5 stars


I reached out, after an internet search, to several companies, to get an estimate to install a backup camera in my new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (to factory nav/radio). Mitchell was the first to respond with the most reasonable estimate and assurances. We were able quickly settle on a close date, and the install was completed in about an hour, and ahead of the schedule! The camera works perfectly and I could not be happier! Thank you, Mitchell!

Norman M.   Ratings: 5 stars


Called Anywhere Audio late in the AM and set an appointment for a car radio and had all the parts and done perfect by 2pm!

Peter and Martha  Ratings: 5 stars


We just have used Anywhere Audio for three different cars over the years and have found Mitchell to be absolutely professional no matter how many questions we had. We wouldn't use anyone else. Thanks.

Henry tran  Ratings: 5 stars


Just got remote start from anywhere audio & more . The guys come right on time at my home. And did a good job . So happy about my new remote start. Recommend for anyone call them for appointment

Marianne  Ratings: 5 stars


They installed a remote start in my new Lexus. I was able to get a quick appointment, they arrived at my home on time for our appointment, and completed the installation. Very professional, knowledgeable, and I highly recommend them.

Judi P  Ratings: 5 stars


We highly recommend Anywhere Audio. We have had multiple car starters installed in our vehicles and our daughters. If concerns or issues, they are very prompt, courteous and will address issue without hesitation. Highly recommend!

Robert F  Ratings: 5 stars

08/03/2016 They installed a remote starter and back up camera in my Honda. Quoted me a final price for both, showed up on time and did a fantastic job. I got a surprise when he knocked off $50.00 because the job did not take as long as he thought. Great and honest business man in a day and age of "squeeze the customer"... For whatever you can. Refreshing. Thanks again I will recommend you highly.


Tom  Ratings: 5 stars

6/11/2016 Definitely the choice to make if you want fast, knowledgeable service. Even corrects mistakes on products that previous installers from other companies have done. Completely satisfying experience with fixing the remote car starter.

Susan  Ratings: 5 stars


I was looking for someone to program my remote for my remote car starter and was referred to anywhere audio Mitchell came to my house and programmed it for me within a hour after I called. Anywhere Audio are the people to call. They are prompt and professional. Thanks Mitchell

S Watson  Ratings: 5 stars

11/16/2015 I have had my homes serviced by the Anywhere Audio guys many times as we have moved a few times within NH. They know exactly how to set everything up and even fix my cable & internet problems often faster and easier than the Comcast people do! They setup my bedroom, living room and basement Tv systems with a cablebox in each room and all my internet connections for the whole house. Everything works so simple with the custom remotes they sold us and with 1 push everything turns on or shuts off. Today my basement tv wasnt working and they not only found the loose cable (the kids tugged on by moving their Playstation game) but they didnt even charge me for the quick visit as they were already down the street working. I am so glad to have found them years ago and highly recommend them!!!

Cordan Haveron  Ratings: 5 stars


Unfortunately, I do not remember the installers name but he was an expert. Originally I was going to get my Deck installed by Boomer Mcloud but they did not have the availability that day. I called Anywhere Audio and they agreed to come to my house and do the install. The pricing was about the same. He arrived and was very professional and courteous and talked me thru the install and even gave some info as to his profession and family life. Once installed he helped me adjust the levels to my Sub and Amp. Once completed and we processed payment it came out significantly less as far as price. The level of service and completion was the actual cost i paid. Price vs Cost. Thank you so much for all you've done. Ill be back soon!

Victor P.  Ratings: 5 stars


Service above and beyond expectations. I had Anywhere Audio install a remote car starter in my Ford Focus a number of years ago. Time is the most valuable asset that I have so the fact that they came to my office and took care of the installation without me having to drop my car off and make arrangements for ride was a fantastic benefit. On top of that the price that they charge is absolutely reasonable and in line with anyone even taking into consideration the fact that others do not provide their level of convenience and customer service. They performed the installation on time and I experienced absolutely no interruption of my day. I was very happy with the product and the service. I haven't even gotten to the testimonial part yet. Years later I was experiencing a problem with my car and although the problem was not caused by the remote car starter I needed to remove the remote car starter to troubleshoot the problem that I was having. I called after hours on the weekend and left a message for Anywhere Audio with a couple of questions. I expected receive a return phone call later the following week. I received a phone call back almost immediately late in the evening on Saturday night. I was blown away at that level of customer service alone. They gave me all of the information that I needed to remove the remote car starter. A month later I had resolved my issue with the car and wanted to reinstall the car starter. I foolishly did not label my connectors correctly and did not feel comfortable plugging it all back in myself. I contacted Anywhere Audio and I was once again surprised at their level of customer service. They came back to my office and reinstalled my car starter for a ridiculously inexpensive charge. Not only did they reinstall my car starter they replaced it with a new unit just to give me peace of mind (I am sending the car to Florida with my daughter for four years of college) that the remote starter was not part of the problem that I was experiencing previously. I recently contacted them to install a new higher-end remote starter in my new car and the experience was flawless. I would use their services again without question. Victor P.

Kathleen Z  Ratings: 5 stars


Mitchell is obviously very knowledgeable, he sure knows his products, (I had no clue what brand I needed ) he installed my remote car starter in my SUV - best part it only took about an hour or less to complete. Would I recommend Anywhere Auto to a friend? Absolutely in fact I already have and they are all just a pleased with his work. Thanks again Mitchell

Jennifer  Ratings: 5 stars


I just had a remote start and Bluetooth installed by him. He came to my home and installed it in no time. He was very accommodating and very reasonable. I will be calling him to have more work done.

Joey H.  Ratings: 5 stars

08/14/2015 I needed a remote start done for my son who is going away to college. Called Anywhere Audio and they worked around my schedule to get it done for me at my home the next day. They showed up on time, had it done in a couple hours and took the time to explain how it all worked. Very impressed with the whole process.


Jim Robinton  Ratings: 5 stars


I would like to thank Anywhere Audio for their installation of my 2 way ham radio in my brand new car. They were very timely, appropriately priced and the service was great !!!

Steve B.
Contacted Anywhere Audio for remote starters for both my wife and myself with an install date of Feb. 7th. Mitch contacted me that he was on his way and would be here in twenty minutes to install the starters. I was under the impression he would have to take the cars one at a time to install but he did both right here in my driveway and the price was great. I would recommend these guys to anyone wanting great service.
William Hall
Totally pleased with the whole experience!
Paul A
Thanks for a great experience in fixing my daughters remote starter. It was a pleasure to work with your company.
Elizabeth G.
I was having trouble with my automatic starter so I called Anywhere Audio & more. They came right to my house (even arriving a few minutes early!) and fixed the starter within minutes. They made it easy and super convenient. Very pleased with their service.
Pat O
Mitch from Anywhere Audio & More came to my home yesterday and removed the remote starter from my car then he went to the dealer and installed it into my new car I was in the process of purchasing. When I picked up the new car today it was good to go and the starter works perfectly! Awesome work!
Driving and fog lights - Jeep Wrangler
Jun 27, 2013 by David
I’ve put plenty of radios and players (8-track, cassette, CD) in my vehicles before so I know how it’s done. But today’s electrical systems can be blown costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you hook up to the wrong wire – they’re all integrated systems. Plus access to behind the dash isn’t like it used to be.I called one place and asked them about putting lights on my Jeep which I know has an integrated system and they didn’t know what I was talking about. I spoke with the guys at Anywhere Audio and they knew about it and much more including a great idea where to place the switches( I didn’t know that place was accessible! )They came to my home and worked as a team in a very methodical fashion. I believe that when doing anything, you want someone to look at that in the future and say “whoever did this, knew what he was doing.” That’s the kind of job they did. Whoever ends up with my Jeep in the future will be impressed with the lights installation. I got the feeling that they could do this in their sleep. It was well worth the money. It has to be done right, the first time and last.. I whole-heartedly recommend Anywhere Audio!
Response: Thanks David, we are glad you enjoyed our 24+years of experience and now door-to-door service!
Apr 05, 2013 by patrick
My family and I have been doing business with Mitch at Anywhere Audio for years he is my go to guy on everything i do with my car stereo needs
Subaru remote starter
Mar 17, 2013 by Frank
I had Mitch & Mike install the Viper smart start system. Absolutley the best set-up out on the market. And the install and service after the install are top of the line.Thanks Guys Great Job
Response: Thank you Frank !! the Anywhere Audio & more Team
Great Experience!
Mar 11, 2013 by Bruce Pickering
Had a new head unit, 4 door speakers,an amp and subwoofer with box installed, and sounds great, also a remote car starter which I use all the time, even if I am right next to the truck just because I like the product so much.
Response: Hi Bruce, that custom box fits great under your seat and sounds even better with such little space that it uses! Glad to hear your enjoying the remote start gadget, its a must have in NH. signed, Anywhere Audio & more team
Great Job!
Mar 03, 2013 by Matt
Thank you to the staff at Anywhere Audio for the install of my remote starter and back-up camera system. The basic starter that was installed into my Ford Flex works great and the back up camera make hooking up my trailer so much easier! Thanks again.
Response: Thanks Matt, we are all very happy to read that your enjoying your new products and making life easier!
remote car starter
Nov 19, 2012 by Albert R.
My wife and I had 2 remote starter systems installed and after using them for a few days, the distance is amazing. We park over 1200ft. away and the Automate Select units we installed reach from inside the building where our last systems installed (from another store) did NOT. Anywhere Audio is the place to go for the reassurance of what you want is exactly what your going to get and pay for, before you buy.
Nov 15, 2012 by Josh
Kept my factory radio and installed new speakers and a subwoofer. I wasnt sure if it'd be enough but after it was all installed and we turned it on I was very impressed with the Rockford Fosgate speakers,amp,and sub. The best part was it all cost me $900 installed and got it done in just one day. The guys at Anywhere Audio really know their stuff and now my music sounds awesome.
remote start
Nov 15, 2012 by Kelly S.
my remote was dead and thought i'd need a whole new system. But i was referred to Anywhere Audio and within 2minutes they had a new remote learned to my car and i was back in business!
Home TV system
Oct 18, 2012 by Watson family
LOVE the new 3D-TV. We love the set up better than what we had before. Thanks for all of your hard work. Justin always tells me what a quality job you do and I can see it now!!!
Response: Thanks guys, yes the big tower speakers took up so much the IN-Wall speakers look AND function great next to that nice Samsung 3D tv. Now you can use ONE REMOTE instead of 4 and your TV,Ps3,etc. will be so much easier to operate! Hope your enjoying the Driveway sensor too! Mitch
Remote Start, Great Support!
Oct 02, 2012 by Stephen Thorne
Writing today to talk about my Automate Remote starter from Mitch and team. Everything worked great right out of the box, and the price was very competitive. On top of that Mitch did some research with the company and found out for me that we could enable 3 new features on the system without changing anything. This really made me happy. Once again thanks for going above and beyond. I've know Mitch in this area for over 20 years and he's the right guy to talk to for Car Audio and Convenience Systems.
Response: Thanks Steve, being specialists in this type of work, we are ALWAYS trying to help in every way we can with our products, both before and after the sale.Ya, 24 years and still going strong!!
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