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Secure your NETWORK!

The #1 priority of your personal information should be having it secure, but is it?   Its not only about your password setting but several others that are overlooked in your router and/or modem that could leave your personal data vulnerable.
We can setup your devices to be as secure as possible using all the proper recommended settings.

Wifi signal speed & range

Is your internet speed slow or does it reach everywhere you need it?

Let our team of professionals test your modem and router to optimize your perfomance and make sure it will reach your devices wherever you need it! 


One of the most important things people often forget while working on their devices is to regularly backup their data.  Ever have your pc crash, phone or tablet get lost, stolen, or broken and lose all your data?  Photos, Documents, even your PC harddrive settings and programs can be recovered if you have them automatically backup properly.

Have one of our expert staff set you up with a storage system to save all your devices data regularly.

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