Sadly, we see this stuff almost every WEEK from customers who didnt call us first....

poor chevy
This was a remote start a person had done at a local shop.
T-taps anyone?
While these may work in certain jobs, there is a MUCH better way!(see our last pics here)
At least its 'soldered'
This person soldered all the radio wires then just put the radio in...WITH NO TAPE or insulation!
this is NOT how it goes together from a professional shop.
whats in YOUR dashboard?
customer paid a company for this to be done and had no idea until they had a 'noise' in the dash
rats nest
ummm.... red is NOT Ground!
this amp came in "not working' and ALL 3 of the Power/Ground wires are wrong! Lucky this didnt cause a fire.
This is how WE do our wiring
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